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Date Palm Powder Production line

palm date powder production line


The introduction of date palm powder production line:

The complete date palm powder production line consists of removing pit machine and flesh making machine, combining machine, concentration process, drying out machine, and bagging process. Except these processes, there exists additionally machine to analyze the finish date palm powder for keeping the production quality.

dates palm powder production line

The specification of date palm powder production line:

  • Production Capacity:2 ton/h
  • Substance Made for Machine: Total SS304 stainless steel
  • The materials SS304 stainless steel design will make sure the healthful process and matching with food processing standard. 
  • Programmed manage technique results in needing less labor to operate.
  • Large production capacity or custom the production line with you requirement.

The equipment level of date palm powder production line:

The date palm powder production line can also be furnished with some other machine that performance excellently with the line. The equipment with the improved technology contains stainless steel framework, storage container and so on.