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Date Palm Removing Pit Machine

date palm removing core machine

The introduction of date palm removing pit machine:

The date palm removing pit machine are made up of tangency component stainless-steel, uncomplicated mechanically skillful process to make sure simple operation and upkeep. Merely one employee could handle 3 to 5 devices concurrently, and a single device only takes up 1.3 square meter so perhaps no more demand work shop.

The machine is particularly developed for middle east country date palm and Iraq date pit removing. It is usually applied in your own home, as well as in tiny level workshop or finish date palm making machine production line.

The advantage of the date palm removing pit machine:

  • Less work operate , simply put the dates palm into the equipment, the remainder of operate could be done mechanically.
  • Simple to control and handle, a single staff can handle 3-5 devices concurrently.
  • Total SS304 tangency component to make certain strict healthful need.
  •  Modern adjustment engineering science, even you operate the device for the first time, you will feel simple.

The construction of the date palm removing pit machine:

The date palm removing pit machine consists of giving program,manage program,positioning program and exit program.

Equipment level of the date palm removing pit machine:

Our date palm removing pit machines are furnished with all the parts as completely functional device. Additionally , it may fitted with cleaning device, drying out device, and packaging device to set up complete date palm processing line.

Technique Parameters of the date palm removing pit machine:

Capacity: 43200 pieces/h
Pit removing rate: 99.8%
Power: 220 V, 1.5 KW
Diameter range: ∮ 32-∮ 36
Weight: 600 kg
Dimensions: 2400*1300*1250 mm