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Litchi Lychee Longan Crusher Separator

Litchi  lychee(longan) Crusher Separator


Introduction of litchi lychee longan crusher separator:

Litchi lychee longan crusher separator adopt South Africa’s technical design, it is mainly used for pre-treatment litchi in lychee wine and juice production. The lychee after washing and stem cutting enter into this machine, get squeezed, then the seed and the meat be separated by continues rod beating. Then the fruit meat be conveyed to the next procedure.

Features of litchi lychee longan crusher separator:

1.No need grading of lychee, high efficiency and output, suitable for large-scale industrial production;
2.Peeling and core-removing simultaneously to reduce intermediate links. So the product is more in line with food standards.

Specification of litchi lychee longan crusher separator:

Model OutputCapacity Main Motor Power Peeling Motor Power Transport Motor Power Dimensions Weight
  (t/h) (kw) (kw) (kw) (mm) (kg)
SN-1A 1 2.2 1.1 0.75 1600*1700*1500 970
SN-2A 1.5-2 3 0.75*2 0.75 2000*1700*2100 1020
SN-3A 2-3 4 1.1*2 0.75 2200*1700*2200 1400