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Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller

Litchi(Longan Rambutan)Sheller

Introduction of Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller:

Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller is a combination of Taiwan technology and our long time research on developing a new type of lychee processing equipment. The litchi sheller is mainly used for pre-treatment litchi in lychee wine and juice production. By adopting the principle of rubbing, the litchi after cleaning and stem removing get pressed and squeezed by food grade rubber roller. The shell and the the litchi meat separate from each other. The shelling rate can reach 99% and the peeled litchi will be like rice balls. After the core and shell removing, milk-like juice enter into the next procedure by screw pump.

Features of  Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller:

1. The peeling roller and the press belt adopt food grade EPDM rubber. All other part adopt stainless steel 304;
2. The peeling roller 8 pairs;
4. Spiral skin conveyor is at the bottom of the machine, the spiral diameter 200 mm.

Specification of Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller:


Output Capacity Motor Power Dimensions



(kw) (mm)



5 5.5 1700*800*1650



10 7.5 1800*900*1750



20 11 1900*1020*1780


Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller Test:


Litchi Lychee Longan Rambutan Sheller --2541