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Lychee Litchi Brusher

lychee litchi clean machine

Introduction of Lychee Litchi Brusher:

Lychee Litchi Brusher is a machine for brushing the fruit surface of the lychee。Taking into account of the fragility of litchi,our engineer design a specific machine for this fruit.

Feature of Lychee Litchi Brusher:

1. High speed rotation brush roller.
2. Water pump to supply water to fruit rinse washer.
3. Stainless steel chain, drum type fruit conveying system, washing time stepless speed regulation.
4. Machine frame, water sink, and the protection shield all made by 2 mm hairline finished stainless steel.
5. The chain and transmission shaft adopt 2Cr13 stainless steel.

Specification of Lychee litchi Brusher

Processing capacity: 3 t / h
Power: 3.00 KW brush roller drive; Push If the drive 1.1 KW; Water pump 1.1 KW
Brush Width: 600 mm
Brush Length: 2000 mm
 Dimensions: 3020 × 1050 × 1500mm