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Lychee Litchi Rinse Washer

Lychee Litchi Rinse Washer

Introduction of Lychee Litchi Rinse Washer:

Lychee Litchi Rinse Washer is used to clean the surface of the lychee. The machine effectively makes the lychee achieving the standard that is demanded for the next process.

Feature of Lychee Litchi Rinse Washer:

1. Stainless steel chain net, scraper blade elevation,mechanical stepless speed regulation.
2. Circulating water pump and circulating filter tank, high pressure water rinse washing.
3. Washing tank, elevator frame made by 1.5mm hairline finished stainless steel, the transmission shaft adopt 2Cr13 stainless steel.

Specification :

Capacity: 3 t / h
Power for lifting devices 1.1 kw
Enhance width: 700 mm
Washing tank length: 2500 mm
Lifting angle: 35 º
Dimensions: 3500 × 1000 × 1560 mm