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Mango Beater

Mango Beater

mango beater

Introduction of Mango Beater:

Mango beater mainly used for wine and mango juice production. Ripe mangoes after cleaning, the whole fruit enter into the beater machine, under high speed stirring shaft effect, skin, core, and meat will be well separated .

Features of Mango Beater:

1.No need grading of mango, high efficiency and output, suitable for large-scale industrial production;
2. Peeling and core-removing simultaneously to reduce intermediate links. So the product is more in line with food standards.

Specification of Mango Beater:

Model OutputCapacity MainMotor Power Dimensions Weight
  (t/h) (kw) (mm) (kg)
SN-MLX5 5 7.5 1900*800*1650 970
SN-MLX10 10 11 2200*900*1750 1020
SN-MLX20 20 15 2500*1020*1780 1200