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The Fruit and Vegetable Dicer Machine

fruit and vegetable dicer


The introduction of the fruit and vegetable dicer machine:

The fruit and vegetable dicer machine normally is used to process carrot, potato, taro, fruit, onion, mango, pineapple, apple, ham, giantarum, pawpaw, bamboo shoot, etc. into little cubes, that will feature excellent appearance. This machine can be used in central kitchen, restaurant kitchen, and food processing production line.

The feature of the fruit and vegetable dicer machine:

  • The main body is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel, excellent performance in resistant to corrosion and make sure the healthy of the finish production.
  • Except the contol panel,there exist switch button beside the feeding hole in order to keep the worker’s safety.
  • High production efficiency, equal to 10 workers’work load simultaneously.
  • Small machine shape with new technological innovation from Japanese
  • CCIC Certification, that makes this machine unique compared with typical fruit and vegetable cutter machine in China.
  • The whole machine is movable, easy for user to transfer it to the workplace.


vegetable and fruit dicer

The construction of the fruit and vegetable dicer Machine:

This fruit and vegetable dicer Machine generally consists of main body,band carrier, and materials pushing carrier, cutting machine, speed manage box.

  • The processed vegetable thickness can be changed in certain range.
  • Various shapes and length of the finish production can be made by adjusting eccentric gear.
  • The processed vegetable have the excellent performance, such as smooth ,clean, fresh appearance,uniform shape and so on.