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The Peanut Butter Process Equipment

peanut butter process equipment

The introduction of the peanut butter process equipment:

This peanut butter processing equipment is constructed of top quality stainless steel with lower price. Excellent steady performance in the course of producing peanut butter, great taste and good color for the finish product. Our equipment is very well-liked among client, and Our company have got positive responses from clients. If you wish to lessen numerous after-sale troubles, this kind of equipment is the best selection.

The feature of the peanut butter process equipment:

  1. Made of excellent stainless steel; satisfy the food sanitary requirement
  2. High productive, steady work performance, reasonably competitive price; Modern cooling down system,which, distinct from typical colloid mill,processes the peanut through the grinding spindle head, in order to get efficient cooling down result.
  3. Many more years usage life than typical equipment, specifically to compare while processing different materials.
  4. Practical application in food process 、pharmacy area、 chemical market.
  5. Good seal design and easy operation make the equipment featureing the characteristic of corrosion resistant and hard to wear out.

The applications of the peanut butter process equipment:

  1. Food industry: chili pepper ,aloe,been pollen,pineapple,sesame ,fruit,tea,ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter,jam,juice,soybean,bean sauce,sweetened bean paste,peanut milk ,protein milk,soybean mil,k dairy products,malted milk,favoring essence, beverages ,emulsified chick bone paste ,emulsified pig skins and other animals skins,etc.
  2. Chemical industry :paint pigment,dye,coating,lubricant,lubricating grease,diesel, petroleum catalyst,emulsified asphalt,adhesive,detergent,plastic,explosive,glass fiber, reinforced plastic,leather,emulsion explosive,etc .
  3. Daily chemicals:toothpaste,detergent,shampoo ,shoe polish,cosmetics,bath concentrate,soap,fragrance grease,etc.
  4. Pharmacy:syrup,nutrition liquid,Chinese traditional patent medicine,cream medicine, biological products,cod-liver oil,pollen,royal jelly,vaccine,various ointments ,various oral liquid ,injection ,vein liquid extract ,pancreatic agent ,emulsion ,animal medicine,etc.

The parameters of the peanut butter process equipment:

Model Output       ( t/h) RPM(r/min) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Fineness. (μm) Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) Voltage (v)
SMS-50 0.005-0.03 1750-5000 1.1 70 2-50 530*260*580 220 /380
SMS-80 0.1-0.5 1600-5000 4 210 2-50 680*380*930 380
SMS-110 0.2-1.5 2890 7.5 280 2-50 720*380*950 380
SMS-130 0.5-2 1750-5000 11 420 2-50 990*440*1050 380
SMS-180 0.8-6 1600-5000 18.5 550 2-50 1350*550*1340 380
SMS-240 4-15 1600-2950 37 1300 2-50 1350*600*1280 380
SMS-300 6-20 1750-2970 55/75 1600 2-50 1350*600*1420 380